You cannot perceive a NEW future with an OLD mindset. This will Revolutionize the way you do business.

We all can work, but together we win.

The debt relief industry has long been segmented and business owners have generally sought to go it alone. The divisions over compliance, strategy, alliances and ethical practices have created mistrust with both consumers and regulators. In order to take back ground and rebuild trust, we must collaborate on core issues while remaining diversified in our strategies.

At Revcon2018, you will learn why working towards the common good of the industry is in everyone’s financial interest. You will also be given fresh diversification opportunities to stand out and be unique in the space. Revcon2018 is a place where you can increase your potential by aligning yourself with like minded, best-in-class professionals.

Together, we can make the necessary renovations to seize the explosive expansion opportunities ahead. This industry is seeing a re-emergence of new growth and together, at Revcon2018, we will carve a fresh path to a successful future for this industry.

A vision without a strategy is an ILLUSION

In this particular arena, strategy involves knowing what to do and also knowing what NOT to do. At Revcon2018, you will be given resources and understanding on how to maneuver moving forward. You will learn how to make the fundamental shift and bridge the gap between compliance and performance. Our aim is to give you an edge and empower you with the strategies you need to face regulatory compliance challenges with confidence.

  • Create new synergies
  • Diversify your offerings with fresh concepts
  • Systematically expand your operation
  • Develop progressive vision
There is a way to do it better. Find it. -Thomas Edison

You cannot perceive a NEW future with an OLD mindset. It’s a NEW era where old ways of doing business are no longer relevant or profitable. The Millenials are entering the economy with fresh perspectives and expectations. The current consumer only speaks one language. Technology. How we interact with the consumers of today will determine your success or failure. Your digital image is life or death to your business. Need new tools? Revcon2018 has your high tech toolbox to get you the exposure you need to go the distance.

  • Behavioral analytics, advanced tracking and profiling
  • Social media marketing and engagement experts
  • Data and software systems designed to identify your target audience
  • Lead generation strategies
  • Technologies designed to increase your operational performance





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