You cannot perceive a NEW future with an OLD mindset. This will Revolutionize the way you do business.

We all can work, but together we win.

The debt relief industry has long been segmented and business owners have generally sought to go it alone. The divisions over compliance, strategy, alliances and ethical practices have created mistrust with both consumers and regulators. In order to take back ground and rebuild trust, we must be unified on core issues while remaining diversified in our strategies.

At Revcon2017, you will learn why working towards the common good of the industry is in everyone’s financial interest. You will also be given fresh diversification opportunities to stand out and be unique in the space. Revcon2017 is a place where you can increase your potential by aligning yourself with like minded, best-in-class professionals.

Together, we can make the necessary renovations to seize the explosive expansion opportunities ahead. This industry is seeing a re-emergence of new growth and together, at Revcon2017, we will carve a fresh path to a successful future for this industry.

A vision without a strategy is an ILLUSION

In this particular arena, strategy involves knowing what to do and also knowing what NOT to do. At Revcon2017, you will be given resources and understanding on how to maneuver moving forward. You will learn how to make the fundamental shift and bridge the gap between compliance and performance. Our aim is to give you an edge and empower you with the strategies you need to face regulatory compliance challenges with confidence.

  • Create new synergies
  • Diversify your offerings with fresh concepts
  • Systematically expand your operation
  • Develop progressive vision
There is a way to do it better. Find it. -Thomas Edison

You cannot perceive a NEW future with an OLD mindset. It’s a NEW era where old ways of doing business are no longer relevant or profitable. The Millenials are entering the economy with fresh perspectives and expectations. The current consumer only speaks one language. Technology. How we interact with the consumers of today will determine your success or failure. Your digital image is life or death to your business. Need new tools? Revcon2017 has your high tech toolbox to get you the exposure you need to go the distance.

  • Behavioral analytics, advanced tracking and profiling
  • Social media marketing and engagement experts
  • Data and software systems designed to identify your target audience
  • Lead generation strategies
  • Technologies designed to increase your operational performance





Revcon2018 Thought Leaders

Meet some of the world changers at Revcon2018

Sir Reginald Adamantium Grey

Special Guest

Special Guest, Reggie Grey, award winning Canadian filmmaker and Adventurer. Inspiration and awesomeness awaits.

Felix Shipkevich

Regulatory Compliance Attorney

Mr. Shipkevich is Regulatory Compliance and Defense Attorney and principal of Shipkevich PLLC.

Kaila Parker

Negotiations Expert

Back End Processing & Negotiations Expert. Innovative, solutions oriented back-end operations specialist and creditor liaison.

    Michael Thurman

    Regulatory Defense Attorney

    Michael Thurman is a regulatory defense attorney who represents businesses, executives and employees in lawsuits, arbitrations and regulatory actions.

    Bill Jones

    Tech Strategist and Behavioral Analytics Expert

    Having consulted both regional and Fortune 200 companies, Bill brings a unique experience and approach to financial services marketing.

    Timothy Li

    FinTech CEO, Author and Speaker

    Tim holds engineering, mathematics and business degrees from San Jose State University, University of Southern California and Harvard Business School.

    Jim Lanctot

    Business Intelligence Leader, Strategist and Innovator

    Jim is Vice President and Manager of Advanced Analytics and Reporting at US Bank in Minneapolis, where he leads a multidisciplinary team that builds business intelligence and analytics solutions used in managing technology and compliance risk.

    Kelly Decker

    Settlement Director and ARM Executive

    Kelly Decker is the Debt Settlement Manager with a major collection agency focused on consumer debt. She is an executive with Credit Control and oversees their settlement division.

    Jason Drees

    Executive Consultant, Business Coach and CEO

    Jason is passionate, high energy transformational leader that leaves an immediate and lasting impact on all people he meets. He is also a former business coach & consultant that has been transforming companies for over 20 years.

    Mr. E

    Press from a MAJOR media outlet

    There will be staff writers from MAJOR press outlets in attendance.

      Bill Sturm

      COO of Rausch, Sturm, Israel, Enerson and Hornik

      Bill Sturm is the COO with Rausch, Sturm, Israel, Enerson & Hornik. RSIEH is a major debt collections law firm focused on consumer debt.

        Matthew Hearn

        Compliance Expert, Visionary Leader, Industry Veteran

        Mr. Hearn is an expert in business compliance. Mr. Hearn has been an industry pioneer and is responsible for the creation of many of the models, practices and compliance protocols used in the space today.

        W. Joseph Mashini

        Master of Ceremonies and Industry Veteran

        Chief Executive Officer at Debt Rehab. Joey has been selected to MC this event.


        Regulatory Panel

        The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is an agency of the United States government responsible for consumer protection in the financial sector.

          Stephanie Rosenthal

          Chief of Staff at FTC

          Stephanie Rosenthal will be presenting on behalf of the Federal Trade Commission. Q & A Session to follow.

          Jannessa Leo Cor Hearn

          Author, Teacher and Holistic Guide

          Jannessa Hearn is an expert in awakening potential and empowering radical personal growth.

            Jacob Stein

            Expert Asset Protection Attorney

            Jacob Stein, Esq. is Managing Partner at Aliant, LLP. He specializes in structuring international business transactions, complex U.S. and international tax planning and asset protection planning.

            REVEALED AT SHOW

            The BOMBSHELL

            This speaker will be revealed AT THE SHOW. This one will blow your mind!


              4:00-6:00 PM
              Event registration

              The Revcon2017 registration area will open at 4:00 PM on Sunday.

              Registration Desk Area Conference Level

              Welcome Reception and Exhibitor Showcase from 7:00-9:00 PM. Open bar, hors d'oeuvres and great music. Unwind, check out the showcase area, see the main stage and have a cocktail.

              Red Rock Summerlin Ballroom
              7:15-7:45 AM

              Breakfast, hot coffee, tea and hydration to start your day right. Sure, we'll have some Wheaties for the real "Go-Getters". Be sure to eat some fresh fruit.

              Summerlin Foyer

              Industry veteran and visionary leader, Matthew Hearn will introduce you to the vision of Revcon2017 and show you how to get the most out of the experience. Gleaning valuable insights, learning new strategies and filling your business toolbox with fresh gear is great, but how do you maximize your experience and convert it into measurable growth in your business? Mr. Hearn will show you the way. This is not your standard industry conference serving the same stale information. This is about evolving into the future, finding unique synergies and innovating the entire industry. This event will literally change the way you see your business, the industry and the future. When we say #changeiscoming, we mean it.

              Matthew Hearn MSTARS

              Successful CEO, BPO expert and Tony Robbins Master Business Coach, Jason Drees will knock your socks off as he shares the formula that has launched many companies into exponential growth. Jason is a powerhouse speaker that will give you real world tools to boost your business in measurable ways over the next 90 days. Time to get out of the box and start leveraging the secret weapons of the most elite fortune 500 firms.

              Jason Drees

              Timothy Li started his career as an mathematical engineer at Intel Corporation where he was responsible for solving complex manufacturing capacity planning for Intel’s core CPU businesses. He then spent the following 5 years at JPMorgan Chase in their Retail and Small Business Banking organization. He worked on most of Chase’s banking technology, credit risk and fraud detection technology. He was on the core tech team responsible for M&A activities with Washington Mutual, Bear Sterns and BNY Mellon Retail Banking. He has several technology patents with JPMorgan Chase. Tim continued his career with FinTech/Marketplace Lenders such as Elevate Credit (3 years) where he managed all of the lending portfolio performance from Marketing to Credit Risk Management. He was responsible for Elevate’s US and UK portfolio. Elevate is one of the biggest sub-prime online lenders in the United States. It was Forbes’ most promising company in 2013 w/ $502 Million in Revenue. Tim continued his online lending career and built LoanDepot’s Personal Lending Platform. Served as Chief Information Officer for and held various advisory positions at Kabbage, Prosper, RocketLoans. He also mentors various FinTech startups and teaches at the FinTech School in San Francisco. Tim will bring a presentation that will change the way you think about technologies. The force and power of disruptive financial technologies is unfolding all around us. The world is engaging it, you should be too.

              Tim Li

              Negotiations success is the hallmark of any debt relief program. In order to achieve the best results for your clients, you must understand how to interact with creditors in a mutually beneficial way. Best practices must be established in order to maximize your creditor relationships and both sides of the equation must find cooperative synergies to create a mutual benefit for all parties. Hear from leading creditors and collections executives and learn how to create and improve these powerful relationships. If we can work together to minimize litigation risk and maximize settlements, everyone wins. It's time to bridge the gap, find mutual benefit and establish a new path forward.

              Major Creditors and Collections Panel

              This is a fantastic mini event that puts the spotlight on you! This is where YOUR voice gets heard and YOUR questions get answered. Enjoy a casual lunch while engaging the hottest topics within the industry. This year, YOUR voice matters!

              Summerlin Ballroom

              Today's consumer demands personalization. They do not want to be treated like "a number". Need proof? Personalized calls-to-action increase conversion rates 42%. Further, personalized marketing grows revenues by 7%. But how do you deliver that to a consumer when you don't know a lot about them? This session will cover overall trends in consumer behavior, dive into the methods through which you can personalize your marketing, and leave you with best practices to begin engaging your clients in deeper and more meaningful ways. If you would like to learn how to increase the effectiveness of your marketing in measurable ways, you won't want to miss this. Bill is a behavioral analytics and big data expert.

              Bill Jones

              Have you ever wondered how the most successful people you know got to where they are? Some would say it was luck, others hard work and dedication. What if the secret to finding true success is in your own personal alignment? Jannessa Hearn is an expert in awakening potential and empowering radical personal growth. She is an author, teacher and the originator of the Alignment Methodology. With an extensive background in natural medicine and after years of private practice in the health and wellness industry, Jannessa discovered that the key to seeing people unlock both their health and their success is in the mind, not the body. With over 15 years of teaching and guiding people through transformation, she is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom on “becoming the variable” in every situation. Find out why we cannot evolve professionally if we fail to evolve personally.

              Jannessa Leo Cor Hearn

              We won't be releasing this one until he takes the stage. We guarantee your jaw will hit the floor. This will be one of the most important presentations you will hear. The information you will receive in this session can make or break your business.

              THE LEGEND

              Go enjoy dinner in Fabulous Las Vegas. The country's premier destination for incredible culinary delights! The Red Rock Resort offers a food court and several restaurants, including the FEAST Buffet, if you prefer to stay in.

              Industry Leaders, Veterans and Service Providers

              Exhibitor Networking Mixer: Enjoy a cocktail and mingle with the showcase providers and industry veterans. This mixer is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the latest technology providers, servicers and fellow industry players. Discuss the day's topics, create synergies, solve the world's challenges and have a good time. VIP Mastermind Event: Sponsors, speakers and VIP Black Pass holders will collaborate on high level industry initiatives and discuss industry positioning. This private event is open to VIP Black Pass holders, sponsors, speakers, legal and regulatory experts. This event will create the path into the future for the entire industry.

              Waymakers and Pioneers
              8:00-8:30 AM

              Breakfast, hot coffee, tea and hydration to start your day right. Sure, we'll have some Wheaties for the real "Go-Getters". Be sure to eat some fresh fruit or have a smoothie.

              Pavillion Ballroom

              Hear from the FTC and CFPB as they lend their expertise to the state of regulatory affairs as they impact the industry. They will share their insights, legal challenges and current laws involving the space. This will be an incredible time to hear directly from the regulators and get a solid understanding of the legal landscape so you can get your company into complete compliance and posture your business for the future. Q&A Time provided after the presentations, so prepare your questions in advance. Regulatory Bodies Acronyms: FTC (Federal Trade Commission) CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) BCP (Bureau of Consumer Protection) AG (Attorney General)

              CFPB and FTC

              Top attorneys and compliance experts from the industry will answer questions and help you navigate the often complicated legal environment. They will show you how to comply with the information presented by the FTC and CFPB officials and give you the knowledge you need to leave this event confident in your understanding of the laws as they pertain to your business model. Don't rely on hearsay and opinions, get the facts straight from the legal and compliance experts that defend, litigate and assist the companies in this space achieve total compliance.

              Attorneys and Compliance Experts

              If things go wrong, do you know how to protect your assets in away that will not devastate your life? When lawsuits happen, even if you were doing everything right, you can still lose EVERYTHING, both personally and professionally. Jacob Stein is one of the world's foremost experts in asset protection and we are absolutely honored to have him at Revcon2017. JMr. Stein is a highly sought after attorney and asset protection expert that conducts over 50 lectures per year around the world. Learn how to protect yourself, your family and your assets in the tragic event you become a target of enforcement or class action lawsuit. This one speaker alone makes this event a MUST ATTEND event.

              "The Heavy Hitter" Asset Protection Attorney

              Since you enjoyed the FEAST BUFFET so much, let's give it another go. Gluten free, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, yeah, we got you covered! At Revcon2017 we don't just feed you, we FEAST.

              FEAST Buffet

              Michael Thurman is a regulatory defense attorney who represents businesses, executives and employees in lawsuits, arbitration and regulatory actions. He regularly defends business clients in consumer protection class actions and government regulatory actions and investigations brought by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and state regulators, and counsels clients in various industries on advertising and marketing issues. He is one of the top legal advisors in the debt relief and financial services industry. Prior to building his private practice, focusing on assisting small to medium size firms in the space, he was a partner at Loeb and Loeb. His advice is always spot on and his understanding, experience and skill in this field are unmatched. If you want to truly understand how to comply with the rules and save yourself from future legal challenges, take plenty of notes.

              Attorney Michael Thurman

              Jim Lanctot is one of the most incredible human beings you could ever meet. Currently VP of Business Intelligence for US Bank Risk, Compliance and Audit Division. He is a masters-educated professional with strategic/collaborative approach and rich technical background. He is passionate about maximizing the business value of enterprise data, creating meaningful team success through employee engagement, and delivering bottom-line impact through the effective use of process and technology. Demonstrated success in leading projects, teams, and initiatives. Despite all of that incredible experience, this presentation is going to hit a little closer to home base for this industry. How important is your business to the economy? To the families you serve? Jim will be bringing a TED type message that will truly change your mindset. We are beyond excited to experience his wisdom at Revcon2017. You won't run your business the same again.

              Jim Lanctot, Proven Business Strategist

              Matthew Hearn is known as the man with the golden Rolodex. He knows nearly every single player in the industry. He has been the voice of reason, a compliance leader, an innovator and the creator of many of the business models in operation in the space today. Compliance expert and industry pioneer, he has operated MSTARS for over 12 years in this industry. He has consulted hundreds of companies in the debt relief industry. As impressive as Matthew's influence and expertise is in the field, this talk will go beyond everything you know of him. Matthew will grant you fresh vision and new eyes to perceive the next steps for this industry. He has predicted nearly every single major change that has occurred in the space. Through those changes, he has helped many companies posture, pivot and navigate the waters successfully, often turning the events into a huge win. Would you like to know how he does it? Matthew will share with you exactly how to predict, perceive, prepare and propel. If you've never seen him live, you won't be disappointed.

              Matthew Hearn

              We will be hosting a fantastic charity poker tournament. After 3 days of receiving, we get the opportunity to give back. Yes, it will be fun, and YES it's tax deductible and NO, THERE IS NO BUY-IN! The top prize will be a mint condition bottle of prohibition era whisky bought through a historic auction in blind bidding. These bottles have incredible tax stamps attached and are likely the last 2 bottles of this brand on the planet. Several prominent whisky valuators have looked at the bottles and have declared them "invaluable". The words used were "These are worth MILLIONS to the right buyer". There will also be a drawing for the 2nd bottle at the North Haven Booth in the Revcon2017 Exhibition Hall next to the tournament. Come win a piece of history... Brand: Old Southern Home Distillers: McKesson and Robbins Barreled: 1934 Bottled: 1940 and 1942 (6 year and an 8 year) McKesson and Robbins were the subject of one the largest SEC investigations and enforcement actions for "cooking the books". Many of today's liquor laws are based on this action. Own a piece of American history. Drink one, save one.

              Charity Poker Tournament

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